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A financing plan for agricultural projects worth 134 million dinars
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Thursday, June 6, 2013

A financing plan for agricultural projects worth 134 million dinars

The Agricultural Credit Corporation has adopted its new lending plan within the framework of agricultural project finance programs in line with the government's plan in this field for the next four years with a value of 134 million dinars, according to Acting Director General Abdullah Freij.

In a statement to the «Constitution» on Wednesday, Freij said that the new loan plan is expected to benefit about (25) thousand farmers in all regions of the Kingdom, pointing out that the lending programs of the institution will contribute to reducing the problems of poverty and unemployment, considering that the target groups of programs are families Poor rural and unemployed groups.

Since its creation in 1959, the Foundation aims to contribute to the development and development of the agricultural sector, increase production and improve it, and raise the standard of living of farmers by providing the necessary capital as the main engine of development for the purpose of financing agricultural projects by granting loans of various types and agricultural objectives , Pointing out that the institution is one of the important means through which the government to implement its agricultural policy, targeting in its activities the largest segment of the population, especially the category of small farmers.

Farij pointed out that the expansion of the Foundation's loan portfolio through the financing of rural small craft projects and heritage works and the development of the modernization project of the road transport sector cooled in order to encourage Jordanian agricultural exports and continue to finance the projects approved in the production of non-traditional crops with high returns and exportable in the Arab and European markets According to the latest technologies and international specifications, financing marketing projects and agricultural and food processing, such as: «Staging and packaging centers, cold storage, olive presses, olive oil filling lines, mushroom projects, ostrich farming» He sees it.

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