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To contribute to agricultural development by funding agricultural projects for farmers as ACC is the official and specialized source of agricultural credit. The funding will be through ACC branches and in compliance with its law and by-laws taking into consideration that the Corporation is one important means to implement the national strategy of agricultural development as well as contributing to mitigating burdens of agricultural risks.


Excellence in outreaching farmers in the rural areas and the Badia to curb poverty and unemployment by establishing income generating projects and create new job opportunities as well as achieving sustainable development.


Contribute to supporting, developing and enhancing agriculture as well as increasing production and improving it quantitatively and qualitatively to increase living standards by means of providing the required funding for agricultural projects; a funding that will be in the form of rendering all types of loans with different terms and agricultural purposes.


Loyalty and belongingness.
Disseminate and promote the "public servant" concept among ACC employees.
Distinguished performance.
Customer satisfaction.
Employee's care.
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