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Procedures for service delivery
   Apply to the Lending Officer (Agricultural Engineer) in the branch concerned to request the disconnection of the reservation and determine the area to be decommissioned. Delivery of the Service Recipient A check-in form to identify the plots on the plot of the Land Department. Prepare a statement of indebtedness to audit the accounts receivable. Delivery of the registration screening form with the explanations of the Land and Survey Department to the concerned engineer. The Lending Officer (Agricultural Engineer) shall study all documents relating to the transaction and guarantees provided and determine the effect of the dissolution of the contract on the project and the guarantees provided. In the case of approval, a letter is prepared for the Department of Lands and Surveying requesting the release of the partial attachment and transfer of the transaction to the Director of the branch to sign and deliver it to the recipient of the service.
Category benefiting from the service
Beneficiaries of the Agricultural Credit Institution.
Partner institutions
Department of Land and Survey. Jordan Valley Authority.
The required documents
Civil Status ID
Service fees
There is no
Term of service
The adequacy of the remaining guarantees after the partial attachment of the debt closing value has been canceled. Absence of amounts payable to the debtor or guarantor
Place of service
All branches of the institution / public administration.
Time of service completion
a work day
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