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Procedures for service delivery
  1. Submit an application to the lending officer (agricultural engineer) in the branch concerned to request the transfer of ownership of the legislator to the heirs according to the quotas contained in the inheritance inventory.
  2. Handover of the heirs A form of registration check to show the plots on the plot of land from the Department of Land and Survey.
  3. Submit the inquiry form to the Lending Officer (Agricultural Engineer) after filling it with the Land and Survey Department.
  4. Prepare a statement of indebtedness for heirs aged 18 years or older to investigate any claims to the Agricultural Credit Institution.
  5. The Lending Officer (Agricultural Engineer) makes sure that the shares of the heirs under the age of 18 are sufficient to pay the remaining loan amount (and other collateral is provided by the difference).
  6. Signature of the heirs over the age of 18 years on the bond of debt / pre-arranged financing contract.
  7. Signature of a document showing the method of payment agreed upon.
  8. Prepare a book by surrendering the piece to the rightful heirs while keeping the mortgage sign until the full repayment of the debt is signed by the branch manager, and handing it over to the heirs to review the land and survey department.
  9. Bring a registration certificate from the land and the area after the transfer is made and the sign of the reservation is posted on behalf of the agricultural lending institution and kept in the file of the heirs.
Category benefiting from the service
Heirs of people benefiting from the services of the Agricultural Credit Institution.
Partner institutions
Department of Land and Survey. Jordan Valley Authority
The required documents
The inheritance limitation argument. Exemption certificate if one of the heirs waives another. family Book. The personal identity of the heirs aged 18 and above.  
Service fees
There is no
Term of service
Payment of amounts payable to the borrower and heirs prior to transfer of ownership.
Place of service
All branches of the institution
Time of service completion
work day
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