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Procedures for service delivery
  1. Submit an application in the concerned branch to the lending officer (agricultural engineer) and attach the required documents with the application.
  2. The service recipient will receive a land-based inquiry form directed to the Department of Lands and Survey to assess warranties and ensure that there are no bookings on the ground.
  3. Submit the inquiry form to the concerned engineer (Lending Officer) to calculate the guarantees and ensure their adequacy.
  4. To ensure the continuity of the means of payment and the absence of receivables, in the event of receivables to be paid to complete the procedures.
  5. To conduct a sensory inspection of the project to ensure that it will actually study the suitability of the new plot of land for the environmental, health and technical conditions of the project.
  6. Preparation of the report and appropriate recommendations.
  7. Transfer the transaction to the branch manager for signature.
  8. Transfer the transaction to the authorized signatory according to the value of the loan.
  9. Inform the service recipient of the decision.
Category benefiting from the service
Beneficiaries of the Agricultural Credit Institution.
Partner institutions
Department of Land and Survey. Jordan Valley Authority
The required documents
Civil Status ID. A registration certificate for the new land or a document of allocation from the Jordan Valley Authority. Official lease contract duly certified in the new land.
Service fees
There is no
Term of service
Personal attendance of the applicant. The project must be in place. The new project land shall be technically appropriate, value and quality for the purposes of the existing project. The guarantees secured by the replacement process are not affected. The degree of foreclosure for the new project land shall be first class if the project land is owned.   If the land of the project is rented. The new lessor shall not be debtors or guarantors on the land of the project itself and for the same purpose, and in the case of debtors or guarantors to ensure that there are no receivables Submit a lease for the new project land for the remaining term for the loan / financing.
Place of service
All branches of the institution.
Time of service completion
tow days
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