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Agricultural lending - A three-year credit plan worth 118 million dinars
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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Director General of the Agricultural Credit Corporation, Engineer Mohamed Al-Hayari said that the institution has prepared a loan plan for the next three years 2016-2018 with a total value of about 118 million dinars.

According to Hiyari, it is expected to benefit from this plan about 21 thousand borrowers and borrowers, including all agricultural projects in various provinces and regions of the Kingdom, pointing out that it is targeted at the largest possible segment of the population, especially small farmers. In 1960 to 2015 about 627 million dinars, benefiting about 241 thousand farmers, which is an indicator of the role of the development institution in the development of the agricultural sector and increase agricultural production, both vegetable and animal.

Al-Hayari said during a press conference held yesterday that the Foundation has granted 37 million dinars as agricultural loans during the past year 2015, benefiting about 7 thousand farmer borrowers.

The number of male borrowers was 4600 borrowers with a value of 27 million dinars and 66% of the number of borrowers, while loans for women amounted to more than 10 million and accounted for more than 33% of the total loans benefited about 2300 girls and Jordanian women for the implementation of agricultural projects of all types and dates , Of which 10 million according to the system Almarbeh Islamic has benefited 1650 farmers to raise the Islamic finance portfolio in the institution for more than 81 million dinars, has benefited about 16400 farmer borrowers since the start of Islamic finance projects in 2001.

According to the Director of the Foundation, these loans were distributed to all areas of investment and agricultural goals. The most prominent projects were the animal wealth of 16 million dinars, the projects of reconstruction and the exploitation of the land and irrigated and the development of water resources worth more than 5.6 million dinars, and the purchase of inputs of agricultural production and supplies worth 14.7 million Dinars, and the rest for the projects of mechanization and agricultural processing and the limit of one million dinars.

The Central Region accounted for 37% and 14 million dinars, while the North region accounted for 35% and 13 million dinars, while the South received 28% and the value of 10 million dinars .
Al-Hayari pointed out that for the first time the rural finance program was included in the projects funded by the Foundation, as it allocated 3 million dinars for the year 2016 to carry out this important national project and all rural projects that are closely linked to the agricultural sector, most notably the projects of manufacturing palm products, olives, cereals, meat, Such as the sale and marketing of vegetables, fruits and ornamental plants, the establishment of agricultural exhibitions, the recycling of agricultural wastes, the projects of the timber industry, handicrafts and traditional, the kitchen production project and the domestic projects run by rural women E. Within the house and projects supporting the agricultural sector, such as maintenance projects of agricultural and other services.

He stressed that this program will create many employment opportunities for young men and women in rural areas and the Jordanian desert, stressing that the institution is keen to direct its lending policy towards small farmers and rural families and the unemployed men and women through continuing to finance small and income-generating projects Within the program of small loans to contribute to reducing the problems of poverty and unemployment in all regions of the Kingdom, where the allocation of this project to become 8 million dinars as of the beginning of 2016 and the price of interest or reduced profit.
In accordance with the principles, the Foundation achieved the expected from its plan of collection during the year 2015, with a total collection of about 39 million dinars.

The figures indicate that the powers of loans and branches and regions have exceeded the powers of senior management and the value of about 27 million dinars out of total lending and by more than 72% confirms the approach of decentralization.

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