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Thursday, July 17, 2014

The head of the Agricultural Engineers' Syndicate, Eng. Mahmoud Abu Ghunaima, expressed appreciation of the union for the decision of Prime Minister Abdullah Al-Nsour to approve the increase of the capital of the Agricultural Credit Institution by an additional 10 million dinars to become 60 million dinars.

In a letter addressed to the Prime Minister, Abu Ghonaima called for more decisions that would support the Jordanian agricultural sector and thus increase the strength of the Jordanian economy and highlight the real value of this sector, which means first and foremost the Jordanian citizen's strength and food security.
He stressed the great benefits of this decision, which will support the development of the agricultural sector through the increase of agricultural projects and expansion of existing projects.
He said that the decision provides funding for all areas of investment in the agricultural sector through the Foundation's loan to farmers, in addition to contributing to the decision to develop and increase agricultural production and improve and raise the standard of living of farmers, noting that the provision of financial funding for agricultural projects will contribute to the introduction of modern technology in Agriculture as a prime engine for development through the financing of agricultural projects

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